driving lessons restart

The government has given the go ahead for driving lessons to restart from Saturday 4th July. Whilst we are delighted that progress is being made to get learners back on the road, we were surprised at the suddenness of this announcement. To enable us to have as safe an environment as possible, various measures will be implemented which we have set out below. All our learners are required to agree to these and this will be shown in our ‘Total Drive’ phone app.https://totaldrive.co.uk/

Whilst we are looking forward to welcoming our learners back, there will inevitably be changes. One very noticeable one will be a delay in booking lessons as we will begin with just two lessons a day and not every one of our instructors will be able to return as early as some due to family and child care issues. If you are interested in booking lessons with us then please use the contact form on our website.

Additional terms and conditions due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and ‘new-normal’ as it develops.

These are in addition to our standard company terms and supersede them where required. They are part of the T&Cs on your Total Drive app. You will HAVE to accept these in order to use the app. Lessons will not proceed until and unless you have accepted them.  The date you do accept will be recorded in your profile.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions shows understanding, agreement, and mitigates the Instructor and company of any additional responsibility caused by COVID-19 as long best practice was followed. This does not affect your statutory rights.

The fundamental aim of all interactions between the client/pupil and Instructor is to ensure safety of both individuals and to make the risks involved as low as reasonably possible. It remains the sole responsibility of the client/pupil to raise any concerns, in advance of a lesson or booking.

Due to the risks associated with COVID-19 and the requirements of the Driver Training environment, the Instructor and driving school cannot be held responsible for the health of the client/pupil as long as reasonable measures are taken. To do this, each instructor will be following ‘best practice’ guides such as: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/ and: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/vehicles

Because of the already risk focussed environment, much of the safety assessments are already in place and as the COVID-19 situation develops we will be operating a rolling risk assessment. The client/pupil will be informed of any major changes in advance of their booked lesson.

Due to the increased use of chemicals being used to ensure a clean working environment, please consider any additional health risks. If you need an inhaler, epipen or similar please inform your instructor and ensure you have it in an accessible place.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Face covering/mask to be worn by both instructor and learner. You are responsible for bringing your own mask. The lesson will not take place if you do not have one (with the subsequent charge for the lesson as per our normal terms and conditions).

Gloves are optional. Wear them if you feel more comfortable with them. Gloves will not be mandatory for instructors.

Hand washing to be done before leaving the house

Hand sanitiser available in the car at all times*

Personal items: we would prefer you bring NO items with you (this includes a mobile phone). If you have to – for example if the lesson starts from work – then ALL your items are to be placed in the car boot.

If applicable, please discuss any religious, cultural or other restrictions with your Instructor in advance of the lesson. This may include, but is not limited to, sanitiser or cleaning products which may contain alcohol. *If this is the case then you will need to supply your own.

If COVID-19 symptoms occur (as outlined on the NHS website) you must contact your Instructor immediately. In the case of COVID-19 there will be no cancellation charge and a 14 day isolation period starting from that date in which lessons will not be available to you. We will then require you to take a test for COVID-19 and inform your instructor as soon as you get the result. (A positive result will have implications for your instructor and anyone else they have been in contact with since the lesson.)

If you receive contact from ‘Track and Trace’, you must notify your instructor immediately. (implications here similar to above).

COVID-19:  Pupil guidance for lessons

Before the lesson

Payment for lessons is to be made by bank transfer. If this is not possible you will need to pay in to a bank with cash or cheque – please note a cheque will require a minimum of three working days to clear. We will provide you with our bank details.

If it is your first driving lesson with Training Wheelz your instructor will ask you to send a photo of your provisional driving licence (both sides) a minimum of 48 hours prior to the lesson.

Before every lesson you are to inform your instructor if:

  • You have any symptoms of coronavirus, such as a continuous cough, high temperature, loss of taste and/or smell

For more information go to www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms-and-what-to-do


  • You know, or have been in contact with, anyone that is showing symptoms
  • You, or anyone they have been in contact with, have travelled from a high risk region

It is important you are honest with your instructor as you do not want to put the instructor or any of their other pupils at risk. This will also avoid any lesson being cancelled halfway through if the instructor decides you are not well enough with the financial implications this will have for you.

At the start of the lesson

 Your instructor will greet you outside the car. The instructor will not come to your front door. There will be a last minute check that you are well. Your instructor may use a hand held infra red thermometer.

 If practicable, the lesson plan will be discussed outside the car.

 The car will have been wiped down and sanitised prior to you entering the vehicle. Please ensure you have washed your hands before getting in the car. Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use.

Please make sure your mask/face covering is on before getting in the car.

If possible, please do not bring anything to the lesson – this includes mobile phones! If the lesson is starting from work, or somewhere you cannot avoid having personal items with you, then these will be placed in a bag in the rear of the car.

During the lesson

 There will be no face-to-face interactions within the car and no sharing of resources. When there are breaks to discuss progress and to plan the next stage of the lesson, where and when possible these will be held outside the car with social distancing being observed so that face-to-face interaction can take place.

If air-conditioning is required, this will be set so that the air does not re-circulate. Your instructor can show you how to set this.

At the end of the lesson

 All contact areas are to be wiped down by both learner and instructor using anti-bac wipes. You are responsible for the disposal of those that you use.

Again, hand sanitiser will be available for your use.

All these measures are in place to make sure not only that you and your instructor are as safe as possible but, more importantly, to give you the best opportunity to learn and develop your driving skills.

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