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Train to be a Driving Instructor - Why with us?

  • Training tailored to suit your needs and circumstances
  • Guaranteed 1:1 training - you will never share training with anyone else
  • ORDIT registered trainers https://www.gov.uk/find-driving-instructor-training
  • Flexible payment plans to fit with your situation
  • Successfully training instructors since 2010

Most people who train to be a driving instructor do so because they want a change to their lifestyle. Some are fed up with the monotonous routing of their previous job, some because they have been made redundant. But generally all are looking to be able to work more or less when they want to so they can spend more time with their family than their current job allows.

The great thing about it is almost anyone can do this job.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Work the days and hours you want to, not when someone else tells you to
  • Work in your local area and get paid properly for your efforts
  • You will be teaching people an important life skill
  • Take holidays when you want to – and no asking your boss for permission!
  • A new car as often as you want – and paid for by your pupils
  • As a self-employed person you have significant tax advantages

Training Wheelz Driving Instructor Training Course (in association with Go Green Driving Instructor Training)

Your training course will be designed to meet your individual needs. No two people are alike so we will only ever provide 1:1 training. Our aim is to give you our full attention so that you are able to qualify as a successful driving instructor. The full course is 60 hours in total, usually 6 hours for Part 1, 14 hours for Part 2 and 40 hours for Part 3. However, we sometimes find people require fewer (or more) hours for one part so we will always tailor the course to your requirements.

How is the course organised?

Part One (the theory test)

We will provide you with lots of help and guidance on using the part one study guide and the associated books and DVD. There will also be in-car training so that a lot of the theory can be brought to life. It is important to your success as a driving instructor that you have a thorough knowledge of the theory.

Part 2 (the driving test)

The hours devoted to this part are designed to put you in the top 1% of UK drivers. You will probably have developed some habits that will need to be corrected but there will be nothing we haven’t seen before! Some driving techniques have changed and we will be make sure you are up-to-date with these.

Part 3 (instructing)

In conjunction with Go Green Instructor Training* we will provide you with a minimum 40 hours for this part. One-to-one training really pays off in this part as you do not want your training to be diluted by sharing the hours with someone else who may not be at the same standard as you. We can assure you that you will receive our full attention. You will then go on to a trainee licence where you will teach learners yourself (under our supervision) for an additional 20 hours (you will be able to charge for this to offset the costs of this training) before attempting the Part 3 test.
*Go Green provide 2 hour Zoom sessions on alternate Sunday evenings. If you participate in the live sessions then these hours count towards the minimum 40 hours needed to apply for your trainee licence.

What does Training Wheelz provide?

Part 1 (Theory)

Up to 6 hours training*
Part 1 workbook and videos. Free access to Theory Test Pro

Part 2 (Driving)

Up to 14 hours training on a 1:1 basis*
Two training workbooks and supporting videos

Part 3 (Instructing)

Minimum 40 hours training*
4 training workbooks and supporting videos

*Whilst our training course outline suggests a total of 60 hours, there is some flexibility in these hours as some trainees may not need the full number of hours for Part 2 in which case the hours can be added to Part 3.

Once the above training has been completed, you have the option to work for Training Wheelz on a trainee licence (for up to 6 months) to gain real life experience with pupils.

The cost of the trainee licence is £140 (payable to the DVSA).

You must complete an extra 20 hours of instructor training during the first three months of the licence. You will be teaching for reward whilst you are on the licence so thjs will help offset some of the cost of these additional 20 hours. The license should be primarily used for experience and not for financial gain.

It was a big decision to have a complete change of career and decide to become a driving instructor but one which has been the best thing I have done and I only wish I had done it sooner!
I chose to do my training with Kevin from Training Wheelz. I realised using his (and Christie’s) company would offer me the quality of training needed to ensure that I was completely prepared for the 3 tests needed to become fully qualified. I initially looked into training with a larger driving school but after further investigation it soon became apparent that I would not get the 1:1 training and support I required. The training sessions with Kevin were informative (and fun!) and gave me both the knowledge and the confidence to go on and pass everything first time! Since qualifying both Christie and Kevin have used their experience and expertise to continue to offer support and guidance which is important especially during the early months of starting out in this new career. I can’t recommend them enough!

Default Avatar75
5 years ago

I have passed all three parts of my instructor training with Kevin and the team at Training Wheelz and I am very pleased with the result. I would not have passed any part of it without the help and support that I received from Kevin.

Right from the very start of our training sessions Kevin helped me fully understand what was required from me to pass each of the three parts of the PDI training program and his training was structured to ensure that everything I needed to know was covered in the detail that I needed.

Kevin fully adapted our training sessions to my learning style and fully understood what worked for me and how I could get the best from each of our sessions. Whenever I felt that things were not going well Kevin always looked for other ways to go through things with me to ensure we got there in the end. He was there for me at each stage of my training and his support, advise and coaching throughout has been great.

Now that my training is finished, I know that it’s really only just started and I still have a lot to learn, but training with Kevin has given me the best start I could have asked for along this journey. And I also know that Kevin is always at the end of the phone if I needed any advice.

If you are thinking of becoming an ADI then I cannot recommend Kevin and the team at Training Wheelz enough.

Part 3 ADI test pass
Kevin Raven
5 years ago

When I learnt that I was being made redundant after working for a major energy supplier for nearly 18 years, I was disappointed but also saw it as an opportunity to do something different to what I had been doing before. At the time, my son was learning to drive with Training Wheelz.

I had a look on their website and then spoke to Kevin Sellwood over the phone and arranged to meet him with my wife to listen to what he had to say and understand what the hours were like along with potential earnings. Everything he said we felt was honest and clear. Some of the other instructors who were already with Training Wheelz, previously worked at the same place I was being made redundant from. Again, all I heard was positive comments, not only about their daily role but also how different they felt when they got home at the end of the day.

I met my trainer, Christie, again, who I had previously worked with four years previously so I knew her quite well. Christie explained how it would all work, the different tests involved and how the training would work. All of this was very clear and despite knowing Christie, she separated our friendship and during the training remained professional to help me achieve my goal.

I passed my final part three test on Valentines Day 2019 and during all my training, I was treated as an individual person. Christie was there for me 100% throughout, remained calm, collected and encouraged me at times where I was feeling low and doubting my ability to do this. The support did not stop there though, everyone associated with Training Wheelz has helped me, whether that be advice but also letting me sit on their lessons. All of it is really appreciated and I am so glad Christie and the rest of Training Wheelz team were there for me as I would not be where I am now, looking forward to a brighter future.

If you are thinking of learning to drive or become a driving instructor, I would highly recommend at least contacting Training Wheelz and find out for yourself.

Part 3 ADI test pass
Neil Dack
5 years ago

My journey to become a driving instructor started when I had a meeting with Kevin and Christie of Training Wheelz. At the meeting we discussed the training process and they answered any questions I had. Following the meeting I decided I would like to train to give myself the opportunity to learn something new and as I enjoy driving and meeting new people I thought it would be the career for me.

The first part of the training was the theory, Training Wheels provided me with all the reading material and training books. If I had any queries or questions Kevin and the team were there to help. The second part of my training was about my driving which was quite good with a few bad habits. Kevin helped me to improve my level of driving. Part three was the teaching part and Kevin's lessons were well structured and detailed, Kevin helped and adapted the lesson to ensure I understood. Kevin was very patient and I enjoyed my lessons. For me, it was a huge learning curve. There were times when I didn't get it or I looked at Kevin with a blank expression and couldn't think of the right words or my mind went blank. Kevin helped me to understand and to build my confidence helping me to see where my weakness were and improving my skills.

Once my training was complete I could experience lessons with a student putting all that Kevin had taught into practice. Kevin and Christie sat In the back observing some of my lessons which was incredibly valuable, helping and advising and giving me feedback to improve my lessons and learning.

I am delighted to have qualified in November 2019 and I am really enjoying my new challenge. I would highly recommend Kevin and Christie and the team to provide excellent training to provide you with the tools and knowledge to become a driving instructor. They continue to be here for me to listen and help me with any questions I have.

Give Training Wheels a call, it’s the best thing I did.

Part 3 ADI test pass
Bev Perks
5 years ago