The most important criteria for me when looking for a driving instructor was that I wanted the support I felt I needed whilst learning. It was also important that there were good reviews from previous learners and that I would be getting the same instructor every time and they wouldn’t cancel any lessons at short notice or cut any short which has happened to some of my friends with another well known driving school in Exeter. I expected to take a long time to pass my test so I was shocked at how quickly I picked up each section of learning. I thought I would be scared and nervous for a long time. I can certainly say that I was made to feel at ease on the first day so I was relaxed for every lesson from then on. I found the teaching methods used very easy and the few I found harder Kevin managed to gently push me past what I thought my limits were and he soon had me on to the next part. I would highly recommend Kevin to all my friends and family and anyone asking for recommendations on social media sites. Not only was he reliable on every lesson and he never let me down and didn’t give up on me even when I failed my first test or had a bad lesson. He made me feel confident in every lesson and I cannot thank him enough.