The most important criteria when choosing my driving instructor was for them to be local and it really helped that I was able to have lessons after work. Other factors I had to consider were price, the length of the lessons and the dates that I was available as I work full time and had to fit my lessons in and around my work life. I expected learning to drive to be really difficult and I am quite a nervous/anxious person but Christie made me feel relaxed and comfortable and it didn't take long until I felt happy driving and it gradually got easier. Christie was a great instructor, I learnt very quickly. I found it really difficult to bay park and Christie helped me to find a point of where to turn and I am now successful almost every time. She is also very calm and relaxed and runs through everything afterwards. She always lets you know if you need to work on something, and then runs through with how to improve. I would recommend to others - I always used to be nervous about sitting in a car with someone and learning to drive (scared of looking stupid and like I will never be able to drive) and Christie made me feel welcome and I was very comfortable. She built up my confidence with driving and always told me that I could do it even when I was convinced that I couldn't.