Drfiving Lessons Ottery St Mary
"The most important things for me when choosing an instructor was to find someone that put me at ease and assuaged my anxieties about driving as well as finding a school close to me. I was encouraged you to choose Training Wheelz due to the positive reviews I had read online. I enjoyed the freedom and confidence that learning to drive gives you – and talking with my instructor. The methods Christie used were very useful. We would always evaluate my driving which, looking back on it, I really appreciate. If we hadn't done this, I would feel a lot more anxious and uncertain when driving. I wasn't sure what to expect when meeting a driving instructor as I'd only ever heard of the bad experiences people have had when trying to find an instructor that works for them. So, when I contacted the company, I went into it with ambivalent expectations; however, the positive reviews online did make me hopeful and they didn't disappoint. My instructor quickly made me feel comfortable and I would recommend Christie to any anxious learners in the future."