‘The most important thing for me when choosing my driving instructor was patience as I know that driving isn’t something you just pick up on. I needed someone that would make sure that no matter how much I struggled, I pushed on through. I guess you could say, someone motivational, which Christie certainly was! Furthermore, I needed an instructor who was clear and precise with instructions as I struggle with directions enough as it is. Finally, I needed an instructor who was friendly as there is nothing worse than feeling awkward for 2 hours and making mistakes in front of someone who made me feel awkward enough already! Fortunately, Christie was very clear with instructions, was very professional, but also made me feel so comfortable in the car! Learning to drive was harder than I expected. I found it challenging during the first few weeks, but soon began to find driving rewarding. I would recommend Training Wheelz to anyone as I find their methods of teaching very accessible. I thought I would really struggle with learning to drive as it’s a whole new skill and it has always taken me a while to master a skill and driving for me was a very scary thing. My instructor, Christie, pushed me out of my comfort zones in order to stop me feeling so nervous when having to deal with things that usually freaked me out (e.g roundabouts!). Christie really helped me to see past all of that. So thank you very much!!!’