Driving Lessons Cullompton
"Before starting. driving. lessons I was an extremely nervous driver. I was looking for someone who made me feel comfortable and less stressed. I chose Training Wheelz after looking on the website. and saw lots of positive reviews. It seemed exactly what I was looking for. I enjoyed the fact that I was allowed to make my own mistakes. and then correct them with the help of my driving instructor (Kevin). Also. I enjoyed the fact that I was encouraged to do things I. didn't believe I was ready for to prove that I didn't need to doubt myself. I found the instructing methods used enjoyable. It allowed me to be pretty much in control and work out the answers to my questions for myself. Kevin was willing to answer anything that I wanted to ask and make sure I was definitely ready for my test. Kevin met and exceeded my expectations. He allowed me to have my lessons to fit around my schedule which was really helpful as my work shifts were at awkward times. Alsi I liked the fact he allowed me to work on the things I felt I needed to work on and was willing to help in any way. My experience with Training Wheelz was good. Kevin was always willing to help in any way that he could and made me feel very comfortable even when some things weren't going right. He helped me increase my confidence behind the wheel allowing me to pass my test first time."