Our You Tube channel has a playlist which gives some help with dealing with some of the trickier places that it is possible you could go on your driving test. We do not just take you on test routes once you are ready to drive in Exeter – we much prefer to help you become a confident driver wherever you might drive – but we do recognise that there are some places that, should you meet them for the first time on a driving test, could prove to be quite difficult. We are gradually adding to these in the ‘Exeter’ playlist on our channel. The video clip below shows how to turn right from March Barton towards Plymouth at the Devon Hotel roundabout:

Other video clips include turning right on the Countess Wear roundabout, crossing the Sandygate roundabout and leaving the A38 at the top of Haldon Hill towards Exeter racecourse. Many of these clips have been recorded in August 2021 with Jasmine, one of our learners, at the wheel. Jasmine is an accomplished and confident driver which enables Kevin, her instructor, to give a commentary about her position in the road at critical places rather than having to direct her as she knows where to go!

We hope these prove helpful to those of you taking your driving test in Exeter and we will update these with more recordings in time. If there are any places you would like to see added then do let us know.

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