Initially the main determining factor was the cost and also if the instructor would be able to work around my timetable. Exeter Driver Training definitely wasn’t the cheapest one around. But, what made my mind up was that Kevin took the time to understand what I need and answered all the questions that I had in mind as opposed to other schools that I have contacted previously. I have a difficult timetable to work around - Kevin was very organised and was very accommodating. And it was important that the instructor knows what is required of the test and was able to help me progress quickly! I already knew how to drive but have not driven a manual for a really long time. I was surprised that I learnt how to handle a manual again really quickly. And, if I ever have to drive a manual again I think I would be able to handle it well as I have a better understanding on how to drive a manual car. I am now definitely a better driver than before. Kevin was very clear and always explained everything that I did not understand. Kevin was a great and experienced instructor. He understood what I needed and I passed! And having the access to the Theory Test Pro test was really helpful as well.