Part 3 ADI test pass
When I learnt that I was being made redundant after working for a major energy supplier for nearly 18 years, I was disappointed but also saw it as an opportunity to do something different to what I had been doing before. At the time, my son was learning to drive with Training Wheelz. I had a look on their website and then spoke to Kevin Sellwood over the phone and arranged to meet him with my wife to listen to what he had to say and understand what the hours were like along with potential earnings. Everything he said we felt was honest and clear. Some of the other instructors who were already with Training Wheelz, previously worked at the same place I was being made redundant from. Again, all I heard was positive comments, not only about their daily role but also how different they felt when they got home at the end of the day. I met my trainer, Christie, again, who I had previously worked with four years previously so I knew her quite well. Christie explained how it would all work, the different tests involved and how the training would work. All of this was very clear and despite knowing Christie, she separated our friendship and during the training remained professional to help me achieve my goal. I passed my final part three test on Valentines Day 2019 and during all my training, I was treated as an individual person. Christie was there for me 100% throughout, remained calm, collected and encouraged me at times where I was feeling low and doubting my ability to do this. The support did not stop there though, everyone associated with Training Wheelz has helped me, whether that be advice but also letting me sit on their lessons. All of it is really appreciated and I am so glad Christie and the rest of Training Wheelz team were there for me as I would not be where I am now, looking forward to a brighter future. If you are thinking of learning to drive or become a driving instructor, I would highly recommend at least contacting Training Wheelz and find out for yourself.