When choosing a driving instructor the most important thing to me was finding someone who was understanding of me having M.E and bad anxiety in new situations. Having an instructor who was understanding and flexible to my needs. Also helping me deal with my anxiety by letting my mum sit in on my first couple of lessons help to put me at ease. I was very anxious to begin with but Christie soon put me at ease. Once I knew the basics of driving I found it became easier each lesson and I became very comfortable in a car, which meant I was comfortable enough driving at home outside of lessons. I found Christie’s teaching methods easy to follow and always felt comfortable asking questions if there was something I wasn’t sure about. She also arranged a mock test for me with her business partner Kevin so I knew what to expect in the real thing. I would definitely recommend this driving school to others, especially if someone is very nervous about learning as Christie is very friendly and willing to go at your own pace. I don’t think there was anything that could have been improved for me, I felt very at ease with Christie’s guidance.