Driving Lessons Bridgwater
"I needed to choose an instructor who was able to deal with someone who has anxiety when it came to driving and can deal with someone who had bad experiences in the past. I chose Training Wheelz as I saw them advertise on Facebook and read how good the reviews were. I was also looking for a female driving instructor. I enjoyed having the chance to drive a car independently and watching how I progressed every week. Bev's instructing methods were amazing! I was able to learn from my mistakes and progress so well with the instructions given. Bev more than met my expectations. I needed someone to be patient with me and build my confidence up throughout the lessons and Bev did an amazing job at doing this. I went from having little confidence in getting into a car to managing to pass my test first time which shows how amazing Bev was. She also made sure to fit me in for lessons every week even though my work rota was unpredictable. I couldn't have asked for any more. I can't thank Bev enough for everything she has done for me to help me with my driving over the last few months. She's been so patient and so understanding and she never gave up on me when I had a few bad days. Whenever I made a mistake we sat and spoke about it and then laughed about it. She never made me feel little or that I couldn't drive. And the fact she used to have a laugh with me in the car and have conversations with me while I was driving made me feel at ease and I felt so comfortable driving with her. Sometimes it felt that she wasn't my instructor but more of a friend I had in the car. As someone who would stress about lessons and let my head get the better of me Bev never let me feel like that and always encouraged me in the best ways and thanks to Bev I started to enjoy my lessons and I wanted to drive rather than making myself do it. Thank you so much. I had a lot of different instructors through my time of learning to drive. This was spread over 5 years but I never committed to my other instructors as they weren't giving me the help I needed and I felt they weren't as interested as Bev was. My other instructors weren't as calm and I felt like I was under pressure with them and that's why I gave up driving for a few years as I used to feel rubbish after my lessons. But Bev was the complete opposite and I'm so grateful for that."