Driving Instructor Taunton
"I wanted an instructor with integrity and the knowledge that would be passed on to me in a genuine fashion. Bev was specifically recommended to me by my wife. I really enjoyed my lessons with Bev. I had never driven a manual car before so getting to grips with changing gears was particularly enjoyable - as were my chats with Bev and how absolutely calm and encouraging she was the entire time. Her instructing methods worked really well. Bev is very calm and understanding. It was all about what I wanted to learn and work on. She let me take control and I was able to learn at my own pace without judgment or concern. She explained everything in a way I could remember. I would most certainly recommend Bev - she met my expectations and beyond! I couldn't even begin to convey how much she helped me with my confidence in driving. I really appreciate every effort she made! She went out of her way more than a few times to make sure I was taken care of. I felt safe, calm in all my lessons with her. She really did put my learning and my concerns first. Bev is absolutely amazing! Really a well trained and well suited instructor."