"I had taken driving lessons before and so for me it was important when choosing a driving school, it had to be a company with good reviews, reputation, good pass rates and had nice instructors. When searching for driving schools. I saw the great reviews people had been putting and noticed a lot of people were passing which gave me confidence in them as a company. I really enjoyed learning how easy I got back into driving and how Claire, my instructor, was always so positive and encouraging which made me have self-belief in myself because of her belief in me. I can’t praise my instructor enough. Claire was always so honest, open and understanding. She always ensured I understood and knew where my mistakes were and how we could fix them. Nothing was too much for her. Claire met my expectations - above and beyond! She was fabulous. Always so understanding and lovely. She always believed I could do it. Without her I would have given up when I failed my first test, but her belief in me and support and encouragement meant I wanted to succeed even more. This pass was for me and her!! She has been outstanding. I honestly can’t sing her praises enough nor would words do any justice. You just have to experience how great she is! Amazing! Greatest instructor I’ve had! I 100% recommend Training Wheelz and Claire in particular because my experience was amazing!"