"When I was looking for an instructor, the most important thing for me was finding someone who I felt comfortable and confident around. Most of all someone who would push me to my limits when I didn’t feel I was ready to take the leap. Other important factors was finding someone relaxed and making it fun and easy to learn not over complicating situations allowing me to make mistakes and not making me feel on edge when doing so. I found learning to drive fun and exciting and couldn’t wait for my next lesson, I always felt so nervous before but soon as I was behind the wheel the nerves went because Kevin was always so happy and always had a laugh. I found the teaching methods used really good and really easily explained so I knew what I needed to do nothing was ever over complicated which is really good for me and I have a habit of over complicating the simple things. I would highly recommend Training Wheelz due to my own experience I never thought I would ever be able to drive because I always found the concept really hard from a previous experience but having such a relaxed driving instructor who made things fun and simple gave me the biggest drive in life to finally complete my lessons. I’m greatly thankful for being given such freedom and a positive experience."