Driving Lessons Bridgwater
Katy Collard
"When looking for a driving school one thing I needed was the availability and flexibility of an instructor as due to my work schedule I needed weekend lessons. Also value for money and reduced rates if you buy blocks of lessons. The offering of 2 hour lessons as I felt the longer lessons helped me progress more. A friendly instructor. After an extensive google search Training Wheelz seemed to offer value for money lessons in blocks at a reduced rate. I also liked the 'Meet the Team' page. I felt like I had already got to know the instructors before I even began a lesson. In other words it felt more personal and friendly than other websites which made me want to make an enquiry. My trial lesson with Bev confirmed what the website promised to offer so I knew I wanted to choose Training Wheelz. I enjoyed the feeling of finding myself getting better at something I once found a massive challenge. It is really rewarding! I would come home from all my lessons proud of myself for something I did when driving that day. I also enjoyed the excitement of the overall experience - learning a life skill and thinking about the freedom at the end of it! The instructing methods Bev used were amazing. She tailored each lesson to suit how I learnt best, It felt very personal to me and not a generic lesson that any instructor could have given. She always took in to account the areas of driving I was confident with alongside the areas I needed to improve. She always considered what I wanted to get out of a lesson as a priority. It felt like teamwork where we would set the goals of the lesson together and assess how they were going throughout. This made sure I was getting the most out of every minute. Bev was all I wanted from an instructor! She was calm, patient, kind and professional and we always had a laugh in every lesson which helped to put me at ease. She was very encouraging and positive. I massively doubted my ability to ever learn before I learnt to drive with Bev. All these qualities in her meant that I found confidence in myself. She was encouraging and had very high standards for my driving which I really appreciated. She was organised and efficient with arranging lessons. I will miss our lessons very much. I cannot thank Bev enough for everything she has done. She provided everything I needed to become a safe and confident driver. She turned what I thought would be a very daunting and stressful experience into a really positive and enjoyable one. I am very grateful to Bev and Training Wheelz for teaching me to drive - it is the best feeling when you pass and I could not have done it without them. I had a block of lessons with a previous instructor whose methods were a lot less personalised. There was not the same emphasis on confidence building as there was with Bev. I would most certainly recommend Bev and Training Wheelz!"