"I chose Training Wheelz on the recommendation of another driving instructor! What did I most enjoy about learning to drive? Passing! Ha. I found that I improved with every lesson. It was great to smash goals and really feel myself getting better at driving the nearer i got to my test. The instructing methods used by Bev were great! Really good practical advice that stuck in the memory. We would set goals at the end of the lesson for the following week. This was great at getting me to think about my progress in between lessons.I have to say Bev exceeded my expectations! She was always calm and good to chat to, which helped me feel less anxious. I always felt safe in the car. I was given good constructive and honest feedback often which really helped. Bev was the one that finally cracked it for me! Failed 5 tests prior due to anxiety. Bev really gave me the confidence to get through the test and pass straight away. I would definitely recommend Training Wheelz."