Part 3 ADI test pass
The best decision I made with my training was to change to Training Wheelz. I wasn't originally looking to change driving/training schools but had already approached Kevin through Facebook on many occasions for advice on things during my own lessons and he was always happy to help. It rapidly became obvious that I probably wasn't going to get through Part 3 without upping my game, and with that came upping my training. Kevin was always happy to help, be it face to face, through Facebook, texts, messages. He sat in on as many lessons as I wanted and came up with incredibly useful suggestions on how I could improve my teaching. He was flexible in his teaching style, he was happy to be quiet in the back and give notes at any point you asked for them, or talk throughout the session or even on one occasion when I wanted him to teach one of my own students he just jumped into the passenger seat and did it. Our last couple of sessions were done as a "soft Part 3" with the breakdown of notes to follow in the same structure, which I personally found incredibly useful. I can definitely recommend Kevin and the Training Wheelz team if you are wanting to become an ADI.