“When choosing my driving instructor I wanted someone who would be patient with me and willing to go at my pace instead of rushing me through. I had seen a couple of my friends had passed and enjoyed lessons with Training Wheelz. I liked the fact that I could be in control of what I wanted to do and if I felt nervous I could do some parking in a quiet car park and if I was feeling more confident I could tackle some new tricky roads. I found the instructing methods used very helpful and I felt like I knew I was making progress. My driving instructor (Kevin Raven) made me feel at ease every single lesson yet still pushing me to make progress. After having two previous instructors that weren’t right for me I was ready to give up and accept that driving wasn’t for me when I saw a Facebook post of a friend who had passed with Training Wheelz so I decided to give them a message. I liked the fact they gave me a choice of instructors and told about each one. Right from my first lesson up to my test I was a very nervous driver but Kevin gave me the confidence I needed to keep going and to begin to love driving Previously I felt like everything was either to repetitive or too fast. I like the fact that if I wanted to revisit something 10 times I could and if I felt like I understood something we moved on to the next challenge I definitely recommend Training Wheelz to others!”