“I was looking for a nearby driving school with a good reputation with regards to ratings and reviews. Training Wheelz were honest about how many hours they thought I needed and were very quick to find me an instructor, encouraging me to start learning as soon as possible. The content of the lessons were normally planned in advance and I felt like I was progressing quite well. Additionally, Kevin (Raven) would always let me choose what I wanted to focus on/learn next, which meant any lessons I found easier wouldn't need to be tediously repeated. I never felt like my time or money was being wasted. Kevin's lessons were well-structured and he would always use different methods or slow lessons down when I didn't quite grasp a skill. Towards the end it was great to do a variety of test routes as these are what made me so comfortable during the test. Kevin was a great instructor - he was always very encouraging and made sure to prepare me for challenging test routes and areas. He was very positive and always easy to communicate with during the lessons. He was also very flexible with times, making sure to provide me with sufficient preparation in the days leading up to the exam. Although I only had a couple of previous lessons with a different driving school, I felt Kevin was a lot more understanding of my ability. My previous instructor would often be too cautious - frequently using the dual controls and touching the steering wheel, while Kevin was a lot more relaxed and had more confidence in me, thus leading to more enjoyable and productive driving lessons. All in all I had an enjoyable time learning with Kevin and was able to pass my driving test sooner than I expected. I would highly recommend Training Wheelz and Kevin as a driving instructor.”