Driving Lessons Honiton
Feeling comfortable was my main focus on picking a driving school. I had tried to learn to drive twice before but I kept quitting due to the instructor! Being comfortable and feeling under no pressure was super important. The reviews online were amazing and after just moving to the area, Christie’s profile was one of the first to come up when I first searched for instructors and Training Wheelz seemed like the right ones for me. I really enjoyed learning to drive this 3rd time around! I used to dread lessons, but I really looked forward to learning something new and having a chat along the way. Being able to feel relaxed around Christie made everything easier and I’m definitely a more confident driver because of that! 5. How did you find the instructing methods used? I found Christie’s instructing methods very helpful. I’m very much someone who needs to understand how something works to get it and the use of iPads was a huge help when understanding road layouts. Christie met all of my expectations – and more! I really didn’t want to learn to drive as I thought it would turn out like every time before, but I was so lucky to have an instructor that made me a confident driver! Christie was the best and I’m so thankful I decided to learn! You made me enjoy driving and that’s something I never thought would happen! Christi focused on understanding and discussing everything and how you do it. Previously i was mainly told what to do and not when or why I should do it. It’s very hard to learn when someone shouts! Training Wheelz wasn’t like that at all. I definitely recommend Christie and Training Wheelz!