"I needed someone who I felt comfortable with and Christie was literally a blessing. She made me much more confident and made me enjoy driving so much more than I did before. I’d heard through a lot of people that the pass rate with Training Wheelz was good which was obviously handy but I also heard how lovely everyone was and how they do everything they can do make you the best driver you can be. I had lost a lot of interest in driving until I started with Christie and I’m so thankful I chose Training Wheelz – I couldn’t have passed without them. I enjoyed everything about driving. I loved having lessons and the 2 hours seemed to fly by every week. Christie made me feel prepared and would happily talk through anything I didn’t understand so I was never worried about asking questions. I’m going to miss learning to drive but I couldn’t be happier that I ‘ve passed. I have Christie to thank for that completely. I loved the use of the iPad, being able to see the roundabouts I was just about to do which made it much easier for me. I am a visual learner and being able to see the actual roads before tackling them helped me so much. I also really enjoyed how I was always asked how I thought my drive went before Christie would say anything about it because the personal assessment made me remember things that I might not have done very well and may have forgotten. Christie met my expectations above and beyond. I felt I could chat to her whilst driving which made me relax so much more and she was so flexible with my school timetable. I couldn’t recommend Christie or any of the instructors at Training Wheelz enough to anyone thinking of learning how to drive. I had had previous lessons, which I struggled with and at one point I wanted to give up but I’m glad I didn’t – thank you Training Wheelz and thank you Christie!"