Driving lessons Honiton
“The lessons were booked by my partner and she wanted someone local and recommended by others. What we really liked was the little portfolio of each instructor on the website so you felt they weren’t strangers when they came to pick you up. The lessons were for parallel parking as I’d never been taught this years ago. It was a very different experience to how I was taught 31 years ago as you are no longer instructed but encouraged to think for yourself, i.e. if you think you did it well, you are asked what was good about it or, if it wasn’t so good, then why didn’t it go so well, what could you do differently to correct it? I found the whole thing really useful as I was able to work out what I was doing incorrectly. E.g. turning too quickly, not going back far enough etc, and then correct myself. This will enable me to parallel park by myself in the future and give me the confidence to try more often as I now have the tools enabling me to perform the manoeuvre and correct any mistakes. The whole thing was a very enjoyable experience. Kevin is friendly, approachable and, by giving me the confidence to perform the manoeuvre I now believe in myself and I can actually parallel park after all these years. Thank you so much for helping me gain confidence and self belief in my ability.”