brittany stevens
The main criteria in choosing a driving school was that they were going to help me improve from the previous times I took lessons and connect with me and truly understand any concerns that I had with my driving. It obviously helped that my mum knew Kevin and trusted that he would see me through. I actually did my lessons with Lisa. Previously having had lessons, I thought I knew what to expect, but this was completely different. I was made to feel completely at ease, not nervous. I actually began to look forward to lessons from the beginning. I would 100% refer you on to others. I will be doing so for my partner. Lisa was just outstanding; she really improved my confidence from the start. Then week on week would help me work on the kinks then by the next lesson they were ironed out which meant her training methods were clearly working. Actually when I passed my test she reminded me of our first lesson and when I got in to her car, nervous and really unsure about my capability with my driving, how I mentioned I was awful at hill starts. We then went on to practice them and with her taking her time and talking me through it I have become a pro and they have never been a problem. That just goes to show how much faith in myself she has helped me regain. I do not believe I could have done this without her ongoing support and time. Every week has been a pleasure with you Lisa, thank you for always cheering me up and putting a smile on my face, due to potholes and roundabouts. I now know when to use my fog lights and when it’s past 12 o clock I can go in the right hand lane. Remember boys and girls, a driving instructor isn’t just for driving, they are for life.