Part 3 ADI test pass
My journey to become a driving instructor started when I had a meeting with Kevin and Christie of Training Wheelz. At the meeting we discussed the training process and they answered any questions I had. Following the meeting I decided I would like to train to give myself the opportunity to learn something new and as I enjoy driving and meeting new people I thought it would be the career for me. The first part of the training was the theory, Training Wheels provided me with all the reading material and training books. If I had any queries or questions Kevin and the team were there to help. The second part of my training was about my driving which was quite good with a few bad habits. Kevin helped me to improve my level of driving. Part three was the teaching part and Kevin's lessons were well structured and detailed, Kevin helped and adapted the lesson to ensure I understood. Kevin was very patient and I enjoyed my lessons. For me, it was a huge learning curve. There were times when I didn't get it or I looked at Kevin with a blank expression and couldn't think of the right words or my mind went blank. Kevin helped me to understand and to build my confidence helping me to see where my weakness were and improving my skills. Once my training was complete I could experience lessons with a student putting all that Kevin had taught into practice. Kevin and Christie sat In the back observing some of my lessons which was incredibly valuable, helping and advising and giving me feedback to improve my lessons and learning. I am delighted to have qualified in November 2019 and I am really enjoying my new challenge. I would highly recommend Kevin and Christie and the team to provide excellent training to provide you with the tools and knowledge to become a driving instructor. They continue to be here for me to listen and help me with any questions I have. Give Training Wheels a call, it’s the best thing I did.