As from Monday 4th June learners are allowed to drive on motorways – but only with a fully qualified approved driving instructor (ADI). There has been a lot of controversy over this and some of the general public have concerns. However, we believe this to be a very positive move in contributing towards road safety. Motorways are our safest¬†roads and by introducing learners to the motorway network we are sure this will help keep them safe when they have passed their driving test. Learners will only be going on the motorway when they are ‘test ready’ so it is not going to be a case of a learner who is early in their driving lessons being taken there. This would not help anyone and we can assure you that our driving school will be making sure we only take those learners who we know are near to their test.

We are looking forward to this welcome addition to driving lessons and we are sure it will be a great help to both the learners for when they venture out on their own after their test and also that it will help raise the level of safety on the motorways.

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