• Are you forward thinking and aiming for a Grade A in your next Standards Check (SC)?
  • Have you failed a Standards Check?
  • Are you looking for some guidance for your next one?

Invest some time (and money) to guarantee your future as an ADI!

We love it when someone comes to us when they know their Standards Check is coming up and wants to make sure they are fully prepared for it. Sadly however, all too often, we get contacted by an ADI after they have failed one (or even two) attempts!


Our Standards Check preparation can include all or just some of the following:

  • A review of the ADI’s previous SC (if applicable) followed by a discussion about the next one – what is the ADI planning to do? What pupil will they be taking? What route are they thinking about?
  • Role play training mixed with demonstration so we can assess your teaching ability. This would all be followed up with a written report.
  • Watching you deliver a one hour lesson to one of your pupils with follow up verbal and written feedback afterwards.

We can tailor the training to your needs and budget, ranging from 2 hour sessions to half (3 hours) or full day (6 hour) sessions

Please look at our Customer Reviews to see what they have to say about their experience of training with us.

To book your Standards Check training call Kevin on 07983228452 or email

I had failed two Standards Checks so I was looking at possibly not being able to continue as an ADI. I arranged to have two sessions with Kevin where he role played a learner. He was invaluable in highlighting areas where I needed to either improve or change my approach so I was able to pass next time. Great and realistic instruction, thank you so very much.

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3 years ago

I failed my first Standards Check after qualifying and felt so embarrassed and thinking I wasn’t up to this job. When I spoke to Kevin he just took all the embarrassment away and made me realise I can do it. We arranged for me to observe some of his lessons and then for him to observe a couple of mine. We also did some role play and with the help and guidance he gave me I’m pleased to say I passed next time!

Standards Check pass
3 years ago