At this time you might wonder if it is worth training to become a drivinginstructor?  Our feeling is very much YES!

What will happen once the lockdown is over? 

It looks as though ‘social distancing’ will remain the norm for quite some time yet – possibly for months, maybe even years, until a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes available to us all.

So, although we will all legally be allowed out of our homes, will our lives really return to ‘normal’ until we’ve all had the vaccine? 

Christie and Kevin are both experienced driving instructors and instructor trainers. Never has there been such a huge threat to our livelihoods and to that of our fellow instructors. We may well be allowed out to work again sometime soon, but socially distancing in a car is not possible… so what then? Do we take the risk? Will our customers want to? Will we get PPE to lessen the chances of contracting the virus? 

The good times surely will return. In fact, we believe businesses, especially driving instruction, will boom when all this is over. A lot of people are likely toprefer the relative safety being in their own cars rather than on public transportso the demands for lessons will be there. Anyone who was just thinking about learning to drive will now go for it. There are going to be thousands of people who have turned 17 during the COVID-19 crisis who be able to learn to drive once all this over. However, many driving instructors will already have found other jobs during the crisis, leaving those remaining in the industry to share the work that comes in. Some of these are unlikely to return So COVID-19 is only a short-term threat.

Of course, it’s not just driving instructors that are affected by social distancing rules. Anyone who works in roles within close proximity to others is at risk until a vaccine is available – hairdressers and dentists for example.

The government have been helpful in supporting us financially whilst we can’t work. Yes, it’s not perfect, but at least it’s something to help us through these tough times.

But how long can they afford to pay us for? Fortunately, Training Wheelz is in a position to be able to ride this crisis out so we are looking forward to being able to get back to training. We have two trainee instructors desperate to get back and another who is just waiting for her final qualifying test.

Everyone seems to think that when lockdown is over, life will go back to normal, but it won’t – not for lots of people anyway. How secure will your job be? Maybe you need a Plan B? Why not consider training to become a driving instructor. Although, obviously, we can’t do any in-car training at present why not arrange to have a chat with one of us? Email your number and either Kevin or Christie will get back to you for an initial, informal discussion.

Please also take a look at the instructor training page on our website

Christie and Kevin, Training Wheelz Ltd.

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