How do you choose a driving instructor?

Choosing a driving instructor: A rather worrying article has appeared in the Observer this weekend about a company called Drive Dynamics. (see the link below). This company has stalled on providing driving lessons. It also failed to refund many of them when they asked for their money back.

So how do you choose a driving instructor with any confidence that you will actually get the lessons you have paid for? There are some questions you should ask before parting with your money. The most successful instructors and driving schools will almost certainly have a waiting list, possibly of several weeks. You should plan to book your lessons well in advance. The best driving schools will have a web site that is kept up to date with recent test passes and customer reviews. These reviews should be more than just something like “my driving instructor was great”. They should give some insight into why the instructor was chosen. Also how the teaching matched their expectations.

Choosing a driving instructor

You should be given a copy of the terms and conditions to read prior to starting lessons. These should clearly lay out how you can get your money back if the driving instructor and/or the car is not suitable for you. At Training Wheelz you will get all of this and more. We only use fully qualified instructors. There is no worry that you will be learning with someone who is on a ‘pink badge’. This an instructor who has yet to pass the final qualifying exam. We also use the most up-to-date teaching methods. You can be sure we are providing you with the best techniques to help you gain your licence as quickly as possible.

“The learners who are out of pocket as Drive Dynamics stalls over lessons”

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