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Belt up and in the back too!

Whilst it is a legal requirement to wear a seat belt when travelling in a vehicle, sadly there are some people who, for whatever reason, do not do so. Using a three-point seat belt – the type in most cars where the belt goes across your lap and chest reduces the chances of being killed in a crash by 50%. A survey in 2004 found that 95% of drivers and front seat passengers wore a belt and 89% or rear seat passengers. In 2014 this had increased to 98% of drivers, 97% of front seat passengers and 91% of rear seat passengers. Whilst that is good news you have to wonder why some people resist such a simple safety device.

It has been shown that a passenger in the back seat in a car travelling at 30mph who is not wearing a seatbelt will be thrown forwards towards the person in front of them with the force of a charging rhino! The Honest Truth and the road safety campaign group BRAKE have both highlighted to dangers of not wearing a seat belt.


wear your seat belt

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