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We are very sorry but we are temporarily unable to offer driving lessons in the Tiverton area. We hope to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

Training Wheelz has been offering driving lessons in Tiverton since 2007. We have built a strong reputation by providing customer-centred lessons. We have been able to rely on recommendations to keep our Tiverton instructors busy and we are very grateful for our Tiverton customers for the reviews they have provided. Please look at our instructors and see what their customers have to say about them on our “Meet the Team” page.

Are all driving instructors the same? Most definitely ‘NO’! This is one of the difficulties we face when attracting new learners. How do you decide when you could get lessons for less than £10 an hour right up to over £30? And then there are different grades of instructor. To confuse things even more, the grading system is currently changing from a 1-6 grading (6 being the best!) to A, B or fail, so some instructors are currently graded under the old system while others are still on the 1-6 levels until their next ‘check test’ is due.

So does the cost matter to you? It certainly does. With driving lessons the phrase ”you get what you pay for” is very true. There is almost always a catch to the very cheap lesson offer, usually it is hidden away in their terms and conditions. “Beware the cost of cheap” is never more true!

Driving Schools (like Training Wheelz) that charge a premium rate have confidence in their ability not only to provide high quality driving lessons but also have a level of customer service that is probably higher than that of an independent instructor working on his or her own.

So what is different about a driving school offering “customer-centred” learning compared to the older style of “instructor-led” lessons? Basically, we take into consideration your views and feelings about how your learning is going and where you want to go next. At the end of each lesson we will recap how things have gone and what we can look to improve on and agree what areas to cover in the next lesson. For example, if we agreed to cover dual carriageways in the next lesson and then, when the lesson comes, you decide you want more practice on something else then we will do that.

We wish you well in your quest to gain your full driving licence whether you choose Training Wheelz or one of our competitors.

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Hourly Lesson Rate: £32
Block Of 10 Hours: £295


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